My visit to an Oblate outstation near Shangombo, Zambia

On Sunday July 17th we visited the Shangombo outstation in Lyasa, Zambia. ┬áThis is the first blog page that will have a number of videos that I shot thru out our visit. If you don’t see videos yet, come back in a few hours.

Lyasa outstation church in Zambia.
Lyasa outstation church in Zambia.


As remote as Shangombo is, even more remote is this is  small community that has an unoccupied school near to the church. At this time, the area is dealing with a water shortage, which translates into a lack of food.

Lyasa school with previous teacher and kids
Lyasa school with previous teacher and kids

There is no longer a teacher there because the children would pay the teacher with food. Now that there is a food shortage, they have no teacher for education.

Fr. Pius and Fr. Jim Chambers held mass and confession for the people. Afterward everyone gathered together to sing and dance. They provided our travel team their best food for a meal as thank you for visited as well.

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Visit to Mary Immaculate Parish in Lusaka, Zambia

cropped-OMSIIcon.jpgIt’s Thursday July 7th and our Oblate team visited the nearby Mary Immaculate Parish. The kids there were enjoying a nice winter day outside on the playgrounds. We also visited an HIV hospice earlier iGirl at Mary Immaculate Parishn the day.
Boy at Mary Immaculate Parish

Girls braiding Hair at Mary Immaculate ParishI also visited our on-site automobile garage repair shop that rebuilds engines and does complete body work! Additionally I visited our onsite graphic design and print shop. They print posters and books here for local customers.

When the Internet access is a little more stable I will be able to send more videos so you can see AND hear people take about our work in in Lusaka.