Visit to Mary Immaculate Parish in Lusaka, Zambia

cropped-OMSIIcon.jpgIt’s Thursday July 7th and our Oblate team visited the nearby Mary Immaculate Parish. The kids there were enjoying a nice winter day outside on the playgrounds. We also visited an HIV hospice earlier iGirl at Mary Immaculate Parishn the day.
Boy at Mary Immaculate Parish

Girls braiding Hair at Mary Immaculate ParishI also visited our on-site automobile garage repair shop that rebuilds engines and does complete body work! Additionally I visited our onsite graphic design and print shop. They print posters and books here for local customers.

When the Internet access is a little more stable I will be able to send more videos so you can see AND hear people take about our work in in Lusaka.


Where in Zambia am I going?

John Wagner
John Wagner

   I’ve been working on my packing list and planning where I will visit.  The temperature should range from 40’s – 70’s because it is Zambia’s “winter” season in July. I hope to travel light, but we will see about that LOL!  We will be in Lusaka on July 6th & 8th, with a day visit to Kabwe on the 7th.  Then we head west on July 9th.  The plan is to visit these towns and villages on my trip:

  • LusakaI plan to see the Oblates’ House of Studies and many other mission efforts including work farming.
  • KabweI will be visiting our parish house.
  • KalaboThe Oblates recently built huts for elderly people in this village!
  • LukuluI should be visiting a church, school, HIV clinic and leprosarium.
  • Mongu From radio station Radio Liseli the Oblates broadcast into remote areas and villages of Zambia. This should be very interesting.
  • Shangombo – A huge focus of this trip for the traveling team is to build a much needed toilet / sanitation system here.

To give you a sense of scale, the time for traveling by bus from Lusaka to Mongu  is about 8 hours at a distance of 600 kilometers (375 miles).

More old school maps LOL
More old school maps LOL

“Follow” us to Zambia!


John Wagner
John Wagner

On July 4th I begin my journey with the Missionary Oblates to our missions in the African nation of Zambia.

I will be traveling with Fr. Jim Chambers, OMI and other young men, spending over two weeks there visiting our missions in some of our most remote outstations. I fly from St. Louis to Washington, DC on July 4th, then on July 5th we all leave together for Lusaka, Zambia with layovers in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

Looking for Zambia on a map - old school!
Looking for Zambia on a map – old school!

During this time I will witness the work of the Oblates and visit with the people they serve. Along the way I will share photos and videos here on my blog.  Feel free to come back and check for new information.

Meanwhile, email subscribers to the Missionary Oblates will receive ongoing updates during my trip. If you have questions while I am away you can leave a comment or call the Office of Charitable and Planned Giving at 1-800-233-6264.

Please continue to remember the Missionary Oblates and those we serve in your prayers.