Our Visit to Oblates’ Class for Special Needs Children in Tijuana

_mg_8003One of the most rewarding works of the Oblate’s mission in Tijuana is their work with special needs children.  The Oblates provide the children in the La Morita area of Tijuana a safe place to flourish and grow.


Our travel team visited with children who were unable to communicate with words to their families when they came into the program.  Now, with assistance from the Oblate program, they have learned to talk with their parents.  What a profound effect this must have on these families!  Many of the children are bullied or picked on at school, so the Oblates program provides a much better environment for the children play and learn.


One of the most touching moments of our visit to the mission was visiting with the children and their families.  We had the opportunity to let the parents describe some of the challenges of raising their special needs children, the difficulties their children have on a day-to-day basis dealing with other children and how the Oblates program has made such a positive difference in their lives.











Our Visit to the Oblates’ La Morita Senior Center in Tijuana

_mg_7896While at the Oblates mission, our group had the privilege of visiting their Senior Center. It is one of the most important services the Oblates provide.  For seniors a connection with family is very important here. Without it many elderly people can live in abject poverty._mg_7937

Our group met with many people that live in the area and utilize the senior center on a regular basis.  Some people shared with us that their homes have serious leaks or even no roof at all!  So when the rains come, home life can be difficult.

_mg_7904Seniors in these situations have minimal income or resources.  One lady, in her 90’s, shared her story with us. She still works to make ends meet!senior-2

The government can provide elderly citizens financial assistance of up to about $30 per week.  However that is barely enough to scrape by on a day-to-day basis._mg_7926

The Senior Center provides elderly people with spiritual & emotional support, fellowship and meals in a caring environment for people that might otherwise be overlooked by society.

“Follow” us to Our Mission in Mexico!

John with a young child at the La Morita mission in Tijuana, Mexico in 2014.
Norbert Roesnner and Claudia Garcia at the La Morita mission in Tijuana, Mexico in 2015.

Coming up on October 19th and October 20th, my friend Claudia Garcia (who is also a Gift Adviser for the Missionary Oblates) & I will be visiting our La Morita mission in Tijuana, Mexico with some friends and supporters of the Oblates.

While there we will witness the work of the Oblates and visit with the people they serve.  During this time and for a while afterward we will be sharing photos and videos of our experiences on our blog.

You can check occasionally for new information as we get ready for an exciting trip .  If you have questions you can also call the Office of Charitable and Planned Giving at 1-800-233-6264.  Please continue to remember the Missionary Oblates and those we serve in your prayers.