Our Visit to the Oblates’ La Morita Senior Center in Tijuana

_mg_7896While at the Oblates mission, our group had the privilege of visiting their Senior Center. It is one of the most important services the Oblates provide.  For seniors a connection with family is very important here. Without it many elderly people can live in abject poverty._mg_7937

Our group met with many people that live in the area and utilize the senior center on a regular basis.  Some people shared with us that their homes have serious leaks or even no roof at all!  So when the rains come, home life can be difficult.

_mg_7904Seniors in these situations have minimal income or resources.  One lady, in her 90’s, shared her story with us. She still works to make ends meet!senior-2

The government can provide elderly citizens financial assistance of up to about $30 per week.  However that is barely enough to scrape by on a day-to-day basis._mg_7926

The Senior Center provides elderly people with spiritual & emotional support, fellowship and meals in a caring environment for people that might otherwise be overlooked by society.